Lord, what do You want to do through me?

Our parish founders asked themselves that same question in 1952. On March 2nd of that year, our parish held its first service in the gymnasium of Oxford School in Berkley. Known at the time as “St. James Chapel,” it was, at first, a mission sponsored by St. James Episcopal Church in Birmingham.

Parishioners continued to meet in the school gymnasium until 1956, when a cornerstone was laid for the first building at our current address in Southfield. Today, that first building is now the Corner Fellowship Hall and classrooms.

But in 1956, the hall and classrooms served as the church building for the congregation then known as St. David’s Mission, Southfield. The plain dark stained-glass windows on the southeast side of complex attest to this era of our parish history.

Worship services moved again in 1963, after construction was finished for our current stained-glass sanctuary on the west end of our complex. 

A Home and Hub for Outreach

Today, our facilities serve not only parishioners but also the surrounding community. Groups using our facilities include Alcoholics Anonymous, Parents of Murdered Children and the South Oakland Shelter.

We provide space for yoga and acting classes, quilters, Vacation Bible School, summer play camps for children, and our own parish youth groups. Our parish campus serves as the home for the End Homelessness Now race, which brings hundreds of people to our parish each summer.

Each Lent, our parish touches the lives of hundreds of people in our community through our Drive-Through Ashes program. Our facilities also serve as a hub for coordinating outreach beyond our walls, such as the Detroit Rescue Mission, Crossroads Soup Kitchen, Haiti Outreach Mission, the Welcome Inn, Vandenberg World Cultures Academy, and St. Anne’s Mead Senior Community.

We can worship God in a beautiful sanctuary and serve others through our outreach programs because we have been blessed by our physical facilities built by our founders for service to God.

A Critical Moment

But we are at a critical moment in our parish history. Little has changed with our physical plant since 1963. Over the years, building issues continue to emerge because of our aging infrastructure.

To approach these issues in a systematic way, the Vestry formed the Building Our Future committee in 2013. This committee asked parishioners for their views and priorities concerning the parish facilities.

Parishioners listed their top concerns: remodeling the Fellowship Hall, restrooms and kitchen, installing new furnaces, adding air conditioning and energy-efficient windows, improving our parking lot, entrance and foyer, reconfiguring our classrooms, and creating more storage space.

We also must upgrade our facilities to reflect current building codes, including improved accessibility for those with physical challenges. Southfield is a community that is reinvesting in itself.

We believe this is an important factor as we develop plans to upgrade our own facilities. Our goal is not for ourselves but to improve our ability to serve God in the 21st Century.

Worship, Outreach, and Love for All …in the 21st Century.

A Reinvestment in Our Future

The leadership of St. David’s pledges to use prudently whatever resources we receive, both from parishioners and from any grants available to us. All donations are tax-deductible. We will base our plans on what we receive. We need basic upgrades to keep our facilities viable. But if we receive enough support to look beyond basic repairs, we also can consider adjusting floor plans to improve traffic flow and make our facilities more user-friendly.

    ...Our Future ???

The Next Steps

In the next few months, we ask you to participate in the events listed on our Capital Campaign Calendar. Please pray for our efforts to renew our facilities so that St. David’s can continue to serve its parishioners and the community in the 21st century. And please pray to discern what you can do to help us reach that goal.

In Christ’s Name,
The Capital Campaign Committee

* Prayer
* Campaign focus in May and June:
      May 1: Gratitude Sunday
      May 15: Ministry Sunday
      June 5: Celebration Event
      June 12: Commitment Sunday
      June 26: First Fruit Offering
* Alternative architectural designs drawn based on funding available
* Requests for grants from Diocese and foundations after parish commitments are tabulated

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