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2017_Lenten Program: Better than Before

February 4, 2017
Parish Office
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"Better than Before" Adult Forum Lenten Program Schedule
beginning Sunday, March 5th

During Lent we will be reading the book, ‘Better Than Before,’ Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin

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March 5: Better Than Before: Self Knowledge, Fr. Chris
This first section covers two strategies that allow us to identify important aspects of our habit nature. These observational strategies don’t require that we change what we are doing, only that we learn to see ourselves accurately.

March 12: Better Than Before: Pillars Of Habits, Fr. Chris
Many strategies help us change our habits, and four strategies tower above the others: Monitoring, Foundation, Scheduling and Accountability.

March 19: Better Than Before: The Best Time To Begin, Fr. Chris
Any beginning presents an important opportunity for habit formation, because a beginning allows two powerful elements to combine: novelty and habit.

March 26: Better Than Before: Desire, Ease And Excuses, Fr. Chris
The strategies of abstaining, convenience and inconvenience examine how we can shape our habits. Safeguarding, loophole spotting and distraction address the challenges of failure and temptation. Reward, treats and pairing, focus on exploiting pleasure to strengthen our good habits.

April 2: Better Than Before: Unique, Just Like Everyone Else, Fr. Chris
This section encompasses the strategies of clarity, identity and other people, which, by placing us in the context of other people, illuminate our individual values, interests and temperament.

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