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2013_04 New Face Rena Miller

April 1, 2013
J. Hawkes
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New Faces at St. David's - meet Rena Miller

Rena Miller has been attending St. David’s since last fall. She was first encouraged to attend by Karen Robertson Henry and then again by Carol Wells. Rena, who lives in Southfield, is reading the Bible everyday and has been participating in the Bible study sessions.

“If I miss a Sunday, I try to attend on Tuesday,” Rena said. “The Tuesday services are nice because they’re smaller. I get a chance to meet people after the service. It’s nice to be able to do this.”

At St. David’s, Rena finds the parishioners to be very friendly and finds that it helps in getting to know people. She also likes Father Chris and his sermons in addition to the adult forums that have enabled her to learn more about the church and what St. David’s has to offer.

“I came in one Sunday and saw that they had my name on the back of the bulletin,” Rena said. “I was touched by that. I also like Father Chris’ involvement with the youth of the church.”

Rena was born in Bloomfield Hills and was raised in the Catholic faith. She didn’t realize the similarities between the two faiths and this helped her in a transition to attending an Episcopal church. She has lived in Metro Detroit for most of her life. Rena attended the University of Michigan-Dearborn and then obtained a Masters Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix.

In addition to reading the Bible, Rena admits she’s always had an interest in sewing and needlepoint and also in watching some television. She looks forward to getting to know more parishioners and spending more time with our St. David’s family.

We welcome Rena Miller to St. David’s.

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