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Topic: April 2013 Newsletter

2013_04 SOS Ministry

April 1, 2013
M. Bair
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The South Oakland Shelter, usually called S.0.S, began in 1985 when seven ministers saw the need to help with homeless Issues. They came up with a plan for warming shelters with each church sponsoring one day a week. This evolved into our present plan of hosting for a whole week at a time. As more parishes volunteered both for hosting and working together, the year was covered. Now it has grown where there is more help and attention to individuals and other new programs to benefit their clients.

St David’s was in the founding group and Ken Lang served on the board of SOS at that time. Many parishioners have volunteered their time and talents to this ministry. It is a ministry that many are able to be involved in.

The week that we host SOS begins with getting a truck for the mattresses and bedding, clearing, cleaning and setting up bedrooms. The parish hall is prepared for eating and relaxing. Breakfast is served each morning and lunches that were Prepared in the evening are given to each person.

A dinner is prepared every night by volunteers and some sort of entertainment or event is planned. Transportation is provided by St. David’s volunteers in the evening from SOS to the church and in the morning to different destinations.

For the last several years Joanne Sackett has served as chairman of this week at St. David’s. Each year she improved the program and included more volunteers and activities for the guests. Joanne has continued her work for SOS by serving on the C-3 committee that looked for and explored new ways of growing support for this important work.

This year Jan Ivinson and Ken Dial are serving as co-chairmen of this week. I know all of us will step up and do what we can to help make this week with SOS a success.

Joanne expressed this as an important week in the year and found it spiritually uplifting. This is what most of us experience.

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