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Topic: April 2013 Newsletter

2013_04 Vestry Notes

April 1, 2013
C. Wells
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Vestry Article – March, 2013

St. David’s Vestry met on March 19, 2013.  The meeting was opened at 7:05pm by Maureen Mahar who was filling in for Carol Wells. Discussions of the reports submitted by the  Property Commission, Finance Commission, and Administration Commission hit a high note when we talked about our new refrigerator and our new freezer. Both items are desperately needed and everyone is excited that we now have them.

Much of our conversation focused on our changing times brought upon our world by new technologies. The impact of new technology will continue to play a critical role in how we operate in our everyday church life. We have already seen that our online classes are meeting the needs of those who want to enhance their spiritual journey and learn from a wide variety of spiritual leaders from all over the country.  Many Vestry members have already taken an online class and as more classes are added we will see the popularity of these classes grow. Members of St. David’s family can see the classes being offered by going to our web site at  On the left side of the page you will see “Online Adult Education”; clicking onto that will take you to “Church Next : Building Healthy Congregations” - an idea created by our own Father Chris which now includes over 200 interviews with church leaders from across the US and 30 online Christian Education classes. 

During the meeting Father Chris shared with us his experience at the Consortium for Episcopal Parishes in San Diego in early March. One of the workshop sessions featured a “futuristic” speaker who discussed the generational gap of people today  - a result of new technology.  Many individuals are accustomed to learning via new technology; most young and many older individuals actually prefer to rely on technology to get their information. We already know that over 60% of the new people who come to St David’s have visited our web site and undoubtedly have made a decision to attend St. David’s because of what they have seen on our web site.  The speaker of the workshop discussed the fact that the church is in a transitional phase now;  we must be able to accommodate new technology and those who rely upon new technology while at the same time remembering not to disenfranchise those who are not as comfortable with new technology. 

This discussion will obviously be one that will continue as we talk about new ways to recruit new members to our congregation. In May we will hear from Lisa Gray who will speak to the Vestry on “Congregational Care”.  As members of the Vestry, we hope that you will provide us with your feedback/thoughts on this topic which is very important to all of us.

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