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Coming this Fall

August 4, 2017
Fr Chris Yaw+
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Small Groups
In an age when more and more people have fewer and fewer friends, we're launching Small Groups at St. David's. The goal is to help us build warm, trusting, Christ-centered relationships that stretch beyond Sunday morning. 

When you sign up, you will be invited to an initial, scheduling meeting with 10-12 other people to set a time and place for your group to begin meeting. Then your group will meet for 8 weeks as a 'trial' and, if all goes well, will continue meeting. Groups will meet every week or every other week for 90-120 minutes and will be gender specific; some for men, some for women. The first 8 weeks will include prayer and be devoted to learning about one another, hearing how God has led us and worked in our lives. 

As groups mature, they are encouraged to add a study component, for example to read a book or view a video. To sign up, use the form in the Sunday service bulletin and turn it in to the front office or place it in the collection plate. You may also sign up by contacting the parish office (248-557-5430).

Drive-Thru Prayer
Yep, it is what it sounds like... You may remember that our 'Drive Thru Ashes' drew 50 people the first year, then 100 people the next year, then 250 people last year. Could this mean that among the thousands and thousands of people who pass by our church every day, some may want to stop and pray? We're going to test this out by offering Drive-Thru Prayer. 

Beginning Wednesday, September 13, through the Fall, we'll offer Drive-Thru prayer every Wednesday from 4p-6p.  People will be able to drive into our front driveway, where pray-ers will be standing by, with a prayer card and a welcoming heart, to lead people in the prayer of their choice. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact Susan Brooks.

Contemplative Prayer
Do you get enough quiet in your life? Would you like a quiet place to sit? For prayer? Or meditation?  

Beginning Sunday, September 10, the chapel will be our weekly hub for Contemplative Prayer. Drop in anytime between 9am-10am and sit quietly and pray or meditate. Our leader will be Pat Tilley, who will begin each session with a word and Bible verse to help us center our thoughts. However, you don't need to come for any set period of time, just pop in anytime between 9am-10am and know that there's a quiet place set aside for you to be with God.

Read Through the Bible by Taking 'The Path'
It's the best-selling book of all time that, unfortunately, sits on our shelves more than in our hearts. We want to help make the Bible a bigger part of our lives by pulling together a group to study the entire Bible from September through Ash Wednesday (February 14, 2018).

We've chosen a brand new, innovative book called The Path, which takes 24 themes of the Bible and has us study one per week. It's about 12-14 pages per week. 

You're invited to work through this book with our Sunday 9am Study Group, which meets in the Conference Room each Sunday morning.

You may order the The Path on your own, or buy one from us, they will be available mid-August on, on the table in the Narthex. This study group will begin on Sunday, September 10.

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