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Topic: June 2013 Newsletter    

2013_06 Photo Gallery  

June 1, 2013
by J. Sackett

Photos from Easter and South Oakland Shelter


2013_06 Thank You from Vandenberg  

June 1, 2013
by J. Walsh

A Shout-out to the Vandenberg Volunteers!

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who contributed time and talent to the Vandenberg students. The outreach continues to grow as we involve parishioners in multiple ways at this amazing school. From celebrity readers, pen pals, tutors, book, box top and magazine contributors , we have helped enrich the lives of children here in our neighborhood. As you know, St. David’s was recently honored to receive recognition as an outstanding partner with the Southfield Public Schools. We’ll take the summer off, but rest assured we’ll be back in the fall ready for another exciting year of partnership with Vandenberg World Cultures Academy. Thank you to everyone!


2013_06 Two Baptisms in May  

June 1, 2013
by C. Hampel-Litwinowicz

Two parishioners were baptized at St. David’s on May 19th – Graham Joseph Nader and Jayden Thomas Cape.

Graham Joseph Nader is the son of Christopher and Gayla Nader.
Graham’s godparents are Angelin Howard and Jon Nader.

Jayden Thomas Cape is the son of Jennifer Cape.
Jayden’s godparents are Traci Johnson, Robert Johnson, and Rebecca Feldbauer.


2013_06 From the Rector  

June 1, 2013
by The Rev Chris Yaw+

Rector's Message for June 2013


2013_06 Photo Gallery2  

June 1, 2013
by J. Sackett

click on the title to view photos from May 2013 activities


2013_06 Vestry Update  

June 1, 2013
by C. Wells

This month's Vestry Update


2013_06 Music Notes  

June 1, 2013
by E. Boyes

Music Notes for June 2013


2013_06 Meet Kathy Graham  

June 1, 2013
by J. Hawkes

Meet Our Members - Kathy Graham is month's featured member.


2013_06 Tom Krell Reception of Holy Orders  

June 1, 2013
by Parish Office

On May 22nd, Rev Tom Krell received his Episcopal Holy Orders from Bishop Gibbs, Diocese of Michigan.

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2013_06 June Birthdays  

June 1, 2013
by Parish Office

click on title to view June birthday list


2013_06 Graduates  

June 1, 2013
by K. Henry

St David’s 2013 Graduates:

      Andrew Kenneth Cloutier

      Ashley Karris Cloutier

      Cyril Nwaguru Jr.

The St. David’s family is very proud of ALL graduates.
Every blessing!

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2013_06 Community Garden Ministry  

May 20, 2013
by M. M. Bair


The Ministry of the Garden began as an idea in 2010, and has grown into a faithful group of people who tend the garden and work diligently to grow food for those in need. Jane Johnson is the coordinator of God’s Harvest Community Garden.


Community Garden Photos


2013_06 Spirituality of Play  

May 1, 2013
by C. Hampel-Litwinowicz

Spirituality of Play
By Cindy Hampel-Litwinowicz

This month, I was asked to write a newsletter article about the spirituality of play. You know: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” After all, it’s nearly summer. Time to switch gears and lighten up.

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