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Topic: November 2013 Newsletter    

2013_11 Photo Gallery  

November 1, 2013
by J. Sackett

Photos taken since last newsletter


2013_11 November Birthdays  

November 1, 2013
by Parish Office

Birthdays for November 2013


2013_11 Music Notes  

November 1, 2013
by E. Boyes

Music Notes for November 2013


2013_11 From the Rector  

November 1, 2013
by The Rev Chris Yaw+

"From the Rector" for November 2013


2013_11 Young Families Group Ministry  

November 1, 2013
by M. M. Bair


This Ministry began a little while ago with some informal gatherings coordinated by Fr. Chris and Leah Lynady, but has now been formalized with Jen Losey and Jenny Sullivan serving as co-chairs under the present name 'The Young Families Group'. The group is working to find a new name as it caters to young families, singles, older families, and friends.



2013_11 Vestry Highlights  

November 1, 2013
by C. Wells

Vestry Highlights for November 2013


2013_11 The Pink Envelope & Other Money Matters  

November 1, 2013
by C. Litwinowicz

On The Pink Envelope and Other Money Matters at St. David’s - November 2013

The pink envelope…the Pledge Campaign…the Capital Campaign.

There’s a lot of talk about money right now at St. David’s. The Pledge Campaign is nothing new. Each year at this time, we’re asked to reflect prayerfully about the ways we want to support the mission of St. David’s: Worship, Outreach and Love for All. We’re asked to seriously consider what time and treasure we can devote to support the mission of our parish.

But the pink envelope is different.



2013_11 Meet the Hoekwater Family  

November 1, 2013
by J. Hawkes

Meet the Hoekwater Family


2013_11 Thanksgiving Dance  

November 1, 2013
by K. Henry

Thanksgiving Dance

Each month has its own special flavor, for example December has Christmas, June the promise of summer holidays, April the birdsongs of spring, and November the feasts of Thanksgiving. We have our various Thanksgiving traditions, as we reach out to God and express our gratitude for the different things that mean much to us: our families, our friendships, jobs, prosperity, and health.




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