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Reflections Newsletter: February 2017

February 1, 2017
K. Henry
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St. David's Newsletter

February 2017 Issue

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News List:
- Liturgy Schedule: February 2017
- Monthly Calendar: February 2017
- From The Rector
- Vestry Update
- New in the Pews: Carolyn Gamble 
- Birthdays
- Picture Page
- Did You Know

 From the Rector 

Changing Habits
I recently read that dieters who keep a daily food log lose twice weight as much as those who don't. It brings to mind the old adage, we can't monitor what we don't measure. So if we want to eat less and lose weight, or change any other habit, a willingness to take that issue more seriously, be it by monitoring or something else, becomes important.
There are essentially seven areas in which people seek to change habits, either taking one on or letting one go, they are: eating and drinking more healthily; exercising regularly; saving, spending, and earning wisely; resting, relaxing, and enjoying life; accomplishing more; simplifying, cleaning, clearing and organizing, and; engaging more deeply in relationships - with God or others.
Lent begins March 1, and your parish wants to help you change a habit. Now you might immediately have a candidate for this, or you may need to take some time to decide. Either way, this 'heads-up' is intended to help us begin to pray and discern about what one habit God might want us to change.
During Lent we'll be reading an eye-opening book called 'Better than Before' by Gretchen Rubin, and we will hear sermons and adult forums based on the book's five sections. We'll have the book for sale in the Narthex during February in case you want to get a jump start.
The hope is that by changing that one habit we might further our spiritual journey, become more who we are, and be greater workers and witnesses in the tasks God has put before us.
Let us invite the Holy Spirit into our midst to mold, shape, and guide us through this Holy Lent.


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 Vestry Report 

Senior Warden’s Report
January 2017
The Vestry held its annual retreat on January 20 and 21 for a strategic look at St. David’s, to see how we as a Vestry can assist our parishioners to achieve a deeper spiritual journey and meaningful outreach to those in need. We used Peter Drucker’s “Five Questions” for non-profit organizations to guide the Vestry’s discussion. The questions:

* What is our mission?
* Who is our customer?
* What does our customer value?
* What are our results?
* What is our plan?

We recognized the parish’s strengths in its commitment to worship and formation within our parish and in its support of outreach to many groups needing our help. We noted that new members of St. David’s are most frequently drawn to us by these distinctive traits. When we looked at defining our mission, we kept our familiar “through worship, outreach and love for all” as a Purpose Statement, and we restated our mission more explicitly: St. David’s exists to provide a loving, inclusive community to worship God and help others.

The Vestry also set its goals for 2017:
* Finalize building plans
* Continue Capital Fundraising
* Dig Deeper Strategic Planning
* Investigate D.R.I.V.E.
* Investigate Weekly Food Pantry
* Investigate Little Library/Food Bin

This is an ambitious plan for St. David’s this year. We are encouraged by the inspiring commitment to St. David’s present and future demonstrated by our parish family’s generous gifts of time, talent and financial support. Many important decisions regarding the building construction project must be made this year. We will be commissioning a Building Committee and we hope for broad representation on this vital committee.

The Vestry is composed of seven experienced and dedicated parish members, but we continue to look for two additional members of the parish to consider joining us on the Vestry.

There are three commissions to steward the church’s resources:
* Administrative Commission—Jan Ernst, Susan Brooks and Jane Johnson
* Building Commission—Ray Litwinowicz (Junior Warden) and Chris Brown
* Finance Commission—Mark Schneider (Senior Warden) and Gerry Maloney

Please contact any Vestry member if you have concerns or suggestions to better steward our parish work. We welcome your views, because we are here to serve the parish’s needs.

Through worship, outreach and love for all,

~ Mark Schneider, Sr Warden 

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 New in the Pews - Carolyn Gamble 

Carolyn Gamble is a cradle Episcopalian who was born and raised in New York City.  In 8th grade, her family moved from Manhattan to Mount Vernon, a community in Westchester County just north of the Bronx.  Looking back, she compared Mount Vernon to living in her present home in Michigan.  “It’s a town filled with houses and is more like being in Detroit,” Carolyn said.

After high school, Carolyn attended college at Central State in Wilberforce, Ohio near Dayton.  She received her teaching degree and then moved to Detroit to begin a career teaching in the elementary schools.  She retired after serving 34 years in the Detroit Public School district.

Carolyn has been attending St. David’s on and off for about two years.  After St. Christopher’s and St. Paul’s in Detroit had closed down, she was looking for a new church home.  She was familiar with St. David’s as she knew several of our parishioners including Lorraine Tyler, who is a sorority sister.  At St. David’s, Carolyn enjoys our services, the music, and the volunteer opportunities we provide.  Thus far, she has served with us on Crossroads and the South Oakland Shelter ministries.

Carolyn has two daughters.  Her oldest, Kimberly lives in Indianapolis with her two sons, and daughter Krista lives in Detroit.  Granddaughter Kaitlyn, will be graduating from Cass Tech this year.

In her spare time, Carolyn exercises about three days a week, attends church, and belongs to a sorority and a social club.  She also likes to travel, mostly visiting her daughter’s family in Indianapolis and a brother who lives in New York City.  She once visited Paris, France, and described it as being “very lovely” and one of her favorite travel destinations.  

In mid-January, Carolyn went on a Caribbean cruise with a group of 62 others who were celebrating a “milestone” birthday.  They visited the port of Nassau in the Bahamas and the island of Coco Cay.

Carolyn likes to stay positive in her daily routine.  “I’m not going to let anybody steal my joy,” Carolyn said.  “I don’t like to deal with negative people.”

We welcome Carolyn Gamble to St. David’s.

 ~ J. Hawkes

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Phillip Crichton 
Hawah Freeman
Janet Ernst
Kwesi Henry
Dolores Bryant
Nathaniel Charter-Harris

Ryan Miller
Emily Hawkes
Jacob Jones
Ershela Diko
Breannea King-Betts

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 Picture Page 

Can we REALLY carry those Wisemen up to the altar?

Three wise girls are ready to place the three Wisemen in the crèche.

Would you like to see our Wisemen?

Fr. Chris sits down to tell a story in his sermon.

The forum about tiny houses was very interesting.

Putting stars up for our Epiphany scene and getting ready to go to Church School.

Delivering food to Vandenberg Cultural Academy for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Unloading the donated food. (The chocolates were not part of our donation; they were for the teachers.)

Fr. Chris needed a little help with his sermon so Jake…

…and Richard were glad to help.

Always the good sport, Richard did his part.

Friends getting together in the vestibule.

The forum from “Fleece and Thank you” was very inspiring.

As Fr. Chris watches over them, the children get up close and personal with our crèche.

We welcome our 2017 Vestry!

At the annual meeting, Fr. Chris gives his presentation about the state of our church.  Another good year!

Maureen presented a check for $1000 from the Scrip program. Keep buying that Scrip!


~ J & L Sackett

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 Did You Know 

Jim and Kitty Kenning are on their way to Birmingham, Alabama to see their new grandchild! Their daughter, Kristin, and son-in-law, Brian, had a baby boy, Robert Kenning Viliunas, on January 23. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 14 ounces. Everyone is doing well!  Kitty and Jim are anxious to let the spoiling begin!  
Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents!

We welcome your news about family trips, reunions, achievements, and celebrations.
Please submit your items to Edna Buday at by the 15th of the month.

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