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Reflections Newsletter: May 2016

May 1, 2016
K. Henry
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St. David's Newsletter

May 2016 Issue

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News List:
- Liturgy Schedule: May 2016
- Monthly Calendar: May 2016
- Vacation Bible School - June 20-24
- From The Rector
- Vestry Update
- Meet Members: Mary Connelly
- Birthdays
- Picture Page
- From Our Neighbors: St. Anne's Mead
- Just Wondering - Jesus & the Time Between Resurrection & Ascension
- Did You Know

 Vacation Bible School 2016 

We have an exciting program planned for you this year! -> June 20-24 <- 

Each summer St. David's conducts a Vacation Bible School program.  
You and your friends don't want to miss out on the fun this year.  

Our program is called "Surf Shack - Catch the Wave of God's Amazing Love."
"Remember that the Lord is great and awesome." (Nehemiah 4:14b) 

Each session begins at 5:30 pm for dinner before we start the evening activities.  Children then assemble in church for a short skit, video, and singing.  Following assembly time, students rotate through different Surf Shack (centers) including recreation, science, scripture, and   crafts. 

In Surf Shack VBS, children will be introduced to Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Surfers will discover a common water theme that ties all the Bible stories together and emphasizes the amazing power of God's love:    

   Day 1 - God Creates! (the Creation Story)                                  
   Day 2 - God Helps! (Miriam Cares for Moses on the Nile)
   Day 3 - God Loves! (The Baptism of Jesus)
   Day 4 - God Calms! (Jesus Calms the Storm)
   Day 5 - God Sends! (Breakfast on the Beach)

Registration forms are available in the vestibule as well as on-line registration through the newsletter.  
There are also sign up sheets for help in many different areas.  Adults have just as much fun as the kids.

Any questions can be directed to:
   Jane Johnson ( 248-559-9788)
   Kitty Kenning (586-573-9886)

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 From the Rector 

A Time to Build

Spring is finally here (I hope...) and with it, a sense of blessed newness for our wonderful parish.

Yes, excitement is building as you and I approach the first major capital refurbishing in our parish's history. And I think many of us agree that it couldn't come at a better time.

As you are aware, we were the recipients of a $100,000 gift a few years ago which was earmarked for this project. Our campaign consultant tells us we'll be able to raise much more than that from our membership, plus the diocese will likely be generous with us as well. This means that very soon we will see some much needed capital improvement in our physical plant.

This is a crucial time for us for several reasons. First, as our architects and engineers have pointed out, we have deferred maintenance for too long. We are well past the 'use by' dates on boilers, windows, carpets, rest rooms, etc., and it's simply time to get out with the old and in with the new. Also, at this time our parish is pretty healthy. Unlike a large number of congregations that approach the diocese for financial assistance, we are not in a position of having to close our doors because we're broke, empty, or in deep turmoil. We are a healthy, growing parish - and there's no better time to invest in our community than now.

However, the biggest reason for undertaking this project is because we understand Christ is calling us to deeper places of our life in Him: to go deeper as a welcoming, hospitable place, to go deeper into forming relationships within our community, and to go deeper in education for all ages. Our capital improvements put us in a much better (and much needed) place to welcome others, build relationships, and take lifelong formation more seriously.

Sure, there's no 'good time' for us to come up with extra dollars for improvements like this - but given the landscape that's ahead of us, I hope you will prayerfully consider asking the question, 'Lord, what would you have me do?'

So as we look to May, we will be hearing sermons, testimonies, and updates regarding this exciting chapter in our history. It is a pleasure to be on this part of the journey with you and I look forward to what our future holds together.


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 Vestry Report 

The April 21, 2016 meeting of the St. David’s Vestry was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with prayer and reflection led by Father Chris and approval of the revised February 9, 2016 and regular March 17, 2016 meeting minutes.  

Father Chris reported on the following as part of the Rector’s report:

   •   The Holy Week and Easter Sunday services were well attended, with the Easter Service attendance among the highest in recent years.
   •   A pop can drive is planned for the months of May, June, and July to benefit the race St. David’s sponsors annually in August on behalf of the South Oakland Shelter.  More details to come.
   •   St. David’s was represented at the Southfield State of the City address.
   •   A new approach to involving members of the parish active in outreach and other church activities was discussed.  It involves reflection on their work through journaling.  More to come on this.
   •   A comprehensive report on the Capital Campaign was presented.

The Property Commission report was reviewed which included various updates on repair projects completed by the Hammer and Nail Club, as well as an update on software upgrades to the parish computers.

The Finance Commission reviewed the monthly financial reports, along with cash flow graphs for revenue and expenses.  The feasibility of upgrading the Parish accounting software was also discussed, as well as a recommendation from the Commission to establish a designated Capital Campaign fund in the accounting chart of accounts.  Approval to establish the fund was approved by the vestry.

Under Old Business, updated vestry member lists and the Vestry meeting schedule were reviewed.

Under New Business, the Vestry approved the annual Parochial Report for submission to the Diocese, as well as Second Quarter Goals for the Vestry.  The Vestry was also reminded of the annual Ministry Fair scheduled to be held at the Cathedral on May 7.

The Visioning Topic was led by Bill Weinrauch of TMP Architecture who provided the Vestry and guests with updated information regarding possible facility improvements.

The next meeting of the Vestry is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, 2016.
The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 8:55 p.m.  

~ Gary Meier, Sr Warden 

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 Meet Our Members: Mary Connelly 

St. David's has been a very important part of my everyday life, both in good times and in bad. I came in the spring of 1978 after meeting Fr. Gary Callahan and Barb in Lamaze classes the previous fall.  Prior to St. David's, I was a member of Trinity, Farmington, where my mother was the organist.

Bob and I have been married for 46 years and we have two children and two wonderful grandchildren.  My daughter Megan Clous and her family are members of St. David's, and they continue the tradition of commitment to and service through St. David’s:  Meagan is a lay reader and in the Bell Choir, and son-in-law, Adam, has served on the Vestry and was in the Bell Choir.  My son Steven was one of the original members of CSB.

I have been retired for 7 years after a 19 year career as a substitute teacher in the Royal Oak Schools.  Bob recently retired freeing us up to travel a bit more.  We especially enjoy Lake Placid, New York, in both winter and summer.

Now at St. David's, I sing in the Chancel Choir, I am on the Altar Guild, I am a member of the St. David's Quilters, and I also participate in the Vandenberg Pen Pal program.  Along with quilting, I am a knitter and an avid reader particularly of mysteries and spy novels.  I did participate in the 'Read the Bible In A Year' Challenge.  I found the Book of Esther most interesting. She was a woman to be reckoned with!

May St. David’s remain a blessing in my life and in the lives of others.

~ Mary Connelly

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Awurum, Angel
Creech, Betty
Edwards, Walter
Johnson, Traci
Losey, Jennifer
Mader, Joyce
Mahar, Maureen
Matthews, Michael

McKenzie, Jim
McKenzie, Joan
Miller, Melissa
Nader, Regan Christine
Pinson, Delphine
Spinney, Mary
Taylor, Donald
Wright, Mary

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 Picture Page 

There are many people to thank for all their hard work during our SOS week: The people who helped set up and take down.

Even the youngsters helped out.

Folks from Nativity Episcopal Church came to serve dinner one evening.

Some of the quilters came to serve on another evening.

All of our St. David's parishioners who helped with more meals, making lunches, driving, doing laundry, etc.

Everyone who donated scrip cards and other prizes for BINGO night.

The guests really enjoyed getting the scrip cards and bus passes.

These two BINGO winners are very happy with their prizes.  In fact, all the guests were very appreciative for what was done for them at our church.  (Picture printed with permission.).

The kids always enjoy going to visit our child care room...

...because there are lots of fun toys to play with

Many of our parishioners help with our Haiti Outreach and this year Dominique Monde-Matthews, Janet Ernst, Maureen Mahar, and Kathy Graham went on the medical mission to Haiti. Here Fr. Chris says a prayer before our team left.

Our Capital Campaign gets some help from the Middle and High School...

...the Elementary School...

...and the preschool students as they prepare posters and banners for Gratitude Sunday.

Members of our Capital Campaign executive committee meet to plan strategies for a successful campaign.

Planting seeds.

The seeds will grow as our faith grows; as our Capital Campaign grows.

The children process with their sprouting plants to share them with the rest of the congregation.

The teachers process with the Gratitude Posters.

The Gratitude Banner is now hanging on the wall in the sanctuary.

Art is alive at St. David's as is shown by these paintings by Lorraine Tyler...

...and this quilt by Mary Connelly.

We had another good turnout for our Art's Alive Forum.

Everyone enjoyed seeing the art work produced by several of our talented parishioners.

~ J & L Sackett

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 From Our Neighbors: St. Anne's Mead 


In response to a growing need for dementia care,  St. Anne's Mead will begin later this year converting an unused wing from assisted living to a memory care unit (MCU).  The special unit will open in 2017 as part of a national construction trend that will help ease demand which is expected to rise sharply as the number of people with dementia more than doubles by the year 2040, and rises to 15 million by the year 2050.  

Memory care is a long-term residential care arrangement specially designed for residents with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive impairments.  MCUs often are separate sections of assisted living or nursing facilities.

An MCU is a licensed facility staffed by professionals who are specifically trained to provide care to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  MCUs are designed to make residents feel safe, secure and oriented in their environment.  To manage wandering – a common affliction -- courtyards are secured and doors are fitted with alarms.  

Many MCUs offer cognitive therapies and programs meant to keep the brain active and engaged, and they provide help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, medication management, and toileting.  Typically they  provide private or semi-private units, meals, housekeeping, access to round-the-clock nurses, social activities and transportation to doctor’s appointments and other outings.

Through effective services, treatments and catered-patient environments designed by experts in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, communities with memory care programs report the following improvements in resident quality-of-life factors:

   •   Reduction in medication and negative medication side effects
   •   Decreased falls and injuries
   •   Fewer emergency room visits
   •   Fewer incidents involving violent behaviors
   •   Increased nutrition and reduction in vitamin deficiencies
   •   Increased independence and social interaction
   •   Increased happiness as residents are functioning at a higher level
   •   Improved or maintained mental functioning in half to three fourths of residents over a six month time period.

A recent survey of families of residents at one MCU showed that a strong majority reported that their loved ones were healthier and required less medication:

   •   87 percent of residents’ families notice fewer infections and hospital visits
   •   67 percent of residents’ families note improved appetite
   •   60 percent of residents’ families note good weight gain/maintenance
   •   70 percent of residents’ families report reductions in medications


As part of its 50th anniversary, St. Anne's Mead wants to honor past residents who had backgrounds or careers that made them publicly known, had accomplished something unique or in some other way had interesting lives.  It is all part of  fact-finding as St. Anne's Mead prepares editorial content for its newsletter, web content or other social media in celebration of its history.  If you have someone in mind, please contact Victor Pytko, communications director at '' or cellphone (313) 368-1053.

~ Victor Pytko, Communications Director, St. Anne's Mead

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 Just Wondering 

What did Jesus do during the time between His Resurrection and His Ascension?

The best place to find the answer to this question is in the Gospels in the Bible. We know Jesus rose from the dead and went out to meet his followers. Following is a brief summary as to what Jesus did during the 40 days between his Resurrection and his Ascension.

The first people he met were Mary Magdalene and “The Other Mary” who were bringing spices to anoint his body (Mark 16:9). He told them to go and tell the others that he had risen. He then appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus. (Mark 16:12).

Jesus then met with the apostles in a room, possibly the room of the last supper (John 20:19). Thomas was absent. He met with them about a week later with Thomas present where Thomas raised his doubts and Jesus had him touch his hands and side so that he finally believed that this was truly Jesus (Luke 24:36).

Jesus appeared to the Apostles at Galilee by the sea and ate fish with them (John 21:1-13). He appeared to more than 500 followers in Galilee (I Cor. 15:7). Jesus went to the Apostles on a mountain to give his great commission to go and preach the Gospel to the world (Matthew 28:16b). Each time he met with his followers He said “Peace be with you” and this is the same greeting we use in our services to this day.

When the time came for His Ascension, Jesus and The Apostles were on the Mount of Olives (Olivet) near Bethany where a cloud came and carried him up to Heaven. Thus the prophecy was fulfilled. (Luke 24:50) (Acts 1:12)

Jesus kept His band of followers near so they would know and believe for themselves.
This gave them the courage and conviction to do as he commanded on Pentecost “Go and preach the Gospel to the world.”

Some of these things that Jesus did are reported in more than one Gospel---you will find reports in Mark 16, John 20and 21, Luke 24 and Matthew 28.

It is interesting to read them all. We must remember His command to take the Gospel
to the world.  We must also remember to live our lives so others will see these words of the Bible in  action.

This year we celebrated Easter on March 27, Ascension Day is celebrated on May5 (always on a Thursday) and on May 15 we celebrate Pentecost---the day when the Holy Ghost was sent to the apostles.

 ~ M. M. Bair

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 Did You Know 

Edith Morisseau’s granddaughter, and Janny Milton’s cousin, Dominique Morisseau, is back in town for show time!  International playwright and former Detroiter, Dominique Morisseau, will be home for the Motor City premiere of her play “Detroit ‘67”, the first in a trilogy of plays she has written about her hometown.  Morisseau, who is on the writing team for the showtime TV series, “Shameless”  has received many honors for her writing, including the Spirit of Detroit award, the Stavis Playwriting Award and the esteemed Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama.


With the backdrop of Motown music, Morisseau transports her audience to 1967 through this drama about a family and their struggles with racial tension and economic instability.  “Detroit ‘67” premiered in 2013 at the New York City arts organization, The Public Theater.  Morisseau’s “Detroit 67” runs from May 13 to June 5  in Detroit’s Public Theater, located in the Robert A. and Maggie Allesee Rehearsal Hall in the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center.  Performances are scheduled Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and at 2 p.m. for Wednesday and Sunday matinees. Ticket prices range from $20 to $45 with senior and student discounts offered and can be obtained at:

We welcome your news about family trips, reunions, achievements, and celebrations.
Please submit your items to Edna Buday at by the 15th of the month.

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