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Reflections Newsletter: Summer 2017

July 1, 2017
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St. David's Newsletter

Summer 2017 Issue

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News List:
- Liturgy Schedule: August 2017
- Monthly Calendar: August 2017
- School Bells Will Ring
- From The Rector
- Birthdays
- Mass in the Grass & Picnic
- Picture Page

 School Bells Will Ring 
Another new school year will soon be here!  Once again, St. David’s will partner with our neighborhood elementary, Vandenberg World Cultures Academy.  Vandenberg is part of the Southfield Public School System and is a magnet, K-5 school for English language learners.  With over 25 different countries and 29 different languages represented, it is a unique and exciting place of learning.  Various volunteer opportunities are available and you are encouraged to consider one or more of these:

-Volunteer weekly or bi-weekly to assist in a classroom.  You may select your grade level, subject area and set your own schedule.  Whether you are interested in technology, literacy or simply being a mentor to a student, Vandenberg staff and students welcome your participation.

-Pen Pal Program:  Become a pen pal with a Vandenberg 4th grader and help reinforce the importance of writing.  Wonderful relationships are established and nurtured as parishioners and students exchange monthly letters. Our culminating activity is the Pen Pal Tea in May when we finally meet our pals face-to-face.  It’s hard to say who has more fun- the kids or the adults!  (*Note:  If you participated last year and are unable to continue for 2017-2018 kindly contact Judy Walsh.)

-Collect Box Tops for Education:  Our collection box is in the Narthex near the Open Hands food collection.  The box tops you save and donate can be turned in for cash at the school and monies are used for much needed supplies and programs.

-Backpacks for Syrian Families:  We continue to stuff backpacks with listed food items for three families of Syrian refugees.  They live in the neighborhood and have children attending Vandenberg.   Simply follow the shopping list, fill the backpack and return to the Church Office.  We will deliver to Vandenberg.

Celebrity Reading
This program is sponsored by Southfield Public Schools and takes place at all the elementary buildings.  If you love to read, share your enthusiasm by reading aloud to a classroom of students.  You can select the school, the dates and best times for your particular schedule.  The teachers and kids are so appreciative and you really are treated as a “celebrity!”   Please contact Judy Walsh if you would like more information about this literacy program.

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 From the Rector 

Appreciating Volunteers
A new member once made this remark, "I've belonged to many churches in my day, but I've never seen one that does so much with so little!"
I took this as a compliment and a testament to the tremendous energy and resources our faith family generously, and regularly, donates. In fact, as I look out at the pews each Sunday I rarely find anyone who is not contributing something outside of Sunday worship to the health and well-being of our parish.
With this in mind, the staff at St. David's wants to say thanks!
So Saturday, July 1 we are having our first-ever Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Nicole, our Parish Administrator, George, our Parish Musician, and I are making you a meal! If you've volunteered in any capacity over the last year, you're invited - choir, altar guild, South Oakland Shelter, whatever the activity you've given to the betterment of our community, we want to say thanks in this celebrative manner.
As you know, at the dismissal of our regular worship services, our congregation lists our parish priorities: worship, outreach, and love for all. The heart of worship is thanksgiving - and the heart of this event is the same. Thank you, St. David's volunteers, for the amazing work you do for and in the name of the Lord. 


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Charles Amanze
Jovita Amanze
Elsie Babcock
Bill Collins
Ehtan Davis
Nicholas Eudier
Joyce Floyd
Sitella Glenn
Ken Gordon
Stanica Hammer
Phil Hoekwater

Robert Johnson
John Litwinowicz
Clara Beth Losey
Lee Mackinder
Bob Masek
Donna Penn
Logan Ernest Reid
Jenny Sullivan
Ann Thompson
Hawah Tuon


Wayne Atfield
Mary Margaret Bair
Edna Buday
Eugene Buday
James Cloutier
Betty Ann Cooper
Sean Edwin
Charles Greening
Kwame Henry
Joshua Hoekwater

Jim Kenning
Kitty Kenning
Frankie Lacy
Luke Litwinowicz
Colin Parks
Danielle Parks
Katie Ploch
Ray Sands
Linda Taylor
James Christopher Yaw


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 Mass in the Grass & Picnic 

Pictures from the Mass in the Grass 10am Service and church picnic. Yes, it was hot but there was a good breeze. And, of course, the food... and desserts.

 The pavillion.

 Lots of nice shade.

 Fr Chris gives his welcome.

The children read the first Lesson.

The sermon.

The Altar is prepared.

The Great Thanksgiving begins.


Food cooking...

...and plenty of it.

Salads & desserts & fruit.


~ S Ernst

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 Picture Page 

Fr. Chris shares a video of the Bible lesson with the congregation. Several parishioners had a part in the video and it was enjoyed by all.

The choir is recognized for their beautiful singing before they take their well deserved summer break.

Kitty and Jane thank the Church School teachers for all their dedication in teaching our children.

'Mass in the Grass' was a hit...

…and even though it was a very hot day, everyone stayed cool in the picnic shelter.

Jennifer greets our visiting priest.

The staff and their helpers made a sign to welcome the volunteers to their appreciation luncheon.

Fr. Chris and Nicole put the final touches on the volunteer lunch. Nicole tosses her yummy salad.

St. David’s volunteers enjoy getting together for the lunch put on by the staff.

It’s a time to relax and let someone else do the cooking.

Everyone had a chance to chat before the meal was served.

After having George’s delicious Lasagna and Nicole’s salad, George serves the wonderful chocolate mousse that Fr. Chris made. What a great way to say thank you to the volunteers!

Fr. Chris introduces our newest baptismal candidate.

And the baptism went very smoothly with all the youngsters getting a good look.

Friends passing the Peace.

DOK members pray for parishioners after Communion. Stop by any time you feel the need for some extra prayers.

Jane and family prepare the food pantry.

The Salvation Army was very generous in helping us get started with the pantry which will be open each Friday.

Presenting our offerings to the altar.

Changing the banner.

~ J & L Sackett

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 Did You Know 

Delphine Pinson, along with her daughter, Lori, and son-in-law, Lee, spent four fun-filled days at a family reunion held in Youngstown, Ohio.  
Family members came from near and far including Atlanta and Baltimore. They stayed in a brand new Hilton suites hotel! 
Siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents all enjoyed the time they spent with each other.  Days were filled with cookouts, picnics, games and competitions, such as “the dreaded egg-toss”, as described by Lori.
Evenings were packed with more fun; everything from a Luau-themed party, Karaoke night, and a Mardi Gras dinner with great music and dancing.  Much too soon it was time to say farewell, but they would all return home with wonderful memories of Reunion 2017.




Gene and Edna Buday, along with their whole family, were honored to be present to witness their daughter-in-law, Moveta, take the Oath of Allegiance and become a citizen on July 17. She was one of 81 new citizens from 27 different countries to be sworn in by the Honorable Judge Terrence Berg at the U.S. District Court in Detroit. Judge Berg spoke about how his own grandparents had come to this country and took the same oath all of these new citizens would shortly be taking. He then spoke about “what it means to be an American” and of the rights and responsibilities of each American citizen.  After being sworn in, each new citizen was given their certificate, and individually congratulated by Judge Berg.  “It was a very moving and beautiful ceremony,” said Edna.


We welcome your news about family trips, reunions, achievements, and celebrations.
Please submit your items to Edna Buday at by the 15th of the month.

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