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Topic: September 2013 Issue    

2013_09 Photo Page  

September 1, 2013
by J. Sackett

Photos from August


2013_09 Our Web Has A New Look  

September 1, 2013
by S. Ernst

Wow – The Web Site has Changed!

Well-l-l-l, yes and no – YES, it has a new look and the names and placement of selections have moved, but NO, the information available on the old web site has not changed. Many of the selections have moved from the left side of the window to the bottom or under the 'General' tab..

Early this Summer, Fr. Chris asked me about a web site make-over as our current web site has been in operation since the summer of 2008 and was looking a bit dated. After browsing for current web design trends and talking with our web site provider, a new design was selected.

I hope you like it and if you have any questions or corrections, please talk to me or send me an email:


2013_09 Newcomer's Tea  

September 1, 2013
by J. Sackett

Newcomer's Tea

The annual Newcomers' Tea is will be held September 15, 2013 from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Each year we welcome new friends who have started coming to St. David's since the previous fall. It's an informal gathering hosted by the Newcomers Committee at Fr. Chris' lovely home.

If you are new to St. David's since last year, please take this opportunity to meet fellow St. David's friends and enjoy some conversation and refreshments. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Joanne Sackett
Newcomers Committee


2013_09 Crossroads Soup Kitchen Visit  

September 1, 2013
by J. Cloutier


Our second visit to the Crossroads Soup Kitchen will be on Sunday, September 15, 2013. Our partner, St. John’s, Plymouth will prepare the soup and sandwiches in the morning and we will serve the meal and clean up.

We need to be signed in by 11:30 AM since we start serving at noon sharp. We should be done and on our way home by 3:30-3:45 PM.

A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Narthex if you are interested in joining us for this very rewarding outreach ministry.

For additional information or any questions contact Jim Cloutier.


2013_09 September 2013 Birthdays  

September 1, 2013
by Parish Office

Birthdays for September 2013


2013_09 Christain Service Brigade Ministry  

September 1, 2013
by J. Kenning


The Christian Service Brigade, CSB, began in 1937 in Wheaton, Illinois by a young man in Wheaton College. It went national a few years later. Our local unit is part of a national organization whose goal is to disciple teenage boys to grow into mature Christian men. It has been a part of St. David’s youth group for 30 years. The program also has an evangelical outreach to the friends of St David’s youth.



2013_09 August 2013 Vestry Report  

September 1, 2013
by C. Wells

August 2013 Vestry Report


2013_09 Day Care Openings  

September 1, 2013
by L.Lynady

Leah Lynady has two openings in her 'at home' day care.



2013_09 ChurchNext at St. David's  

September 1, 2013
by C. Hampel-Litwinowicz

ChurchNext at St. David’s

“How do you approach life’s big questions?”

You just might find your answers at ChurchNext…a new “online school” that offers short courses on important issues in life and spirituality. Our parish online school, known officially as St. David’s Academy, will “open its doors” for parishioners on Sept. 16.



2013_09 Vacation Bible School Recap  

September 1, 2013
by K. Kenning & J. Johnson

2013 Vacation Bible School Recap

We would like to thank the many students and volunteers who participated in our Vacation Bible School - Everywhere Fun Fair - Where God's World Comes Together in August.

The students learned about neighbors who are friendly, giving, loving, bold, and welcoming. We actually "welcomed" 43 students and had an equal number of volunteers.

Volunteers decorated, taught, cooked, cleaned up, helped with crafts and projects, acted roles, operated audio-visuals, taught songs, and anything else they saw that needed doing. It truly was a labor of love and we are thankful for each person.

Pictures are on St. David's website which might encourage you to be part of the fun next year!


2013_09 Harvest Luncheon & Talent Show  

September 1, 2013
by E. Boyes


If you are an act and want to perform, or even if you are not and simply want to show gratitude and share your talents, the come share and enjoy our Harvest Luncheon and Talent Show on Sunday, October 20, 2013.

All acts are welcome – magic, music, song. Do you play the spoons, pantomime, dance, step, and juggle, are you a comedian or are you a wiz at the yo-yo? Whatever gift God has blessed you with come and share.

For questions, please contact ELLEN at or 248-840-0134. Thanks.


2013_09 Music Notes  

September 1, 2013
by E. Boyes

Music Notes for September 2013


2013_09 Youth Education  

September 1, 2013
by Parish Office

Youth Education at St. David’s

We are looking forward to another year of working with the youth of the parish. Once again we have something for all ages.

Godly Play is available during the beginning of the service for children who are four years of age up through 2nd grade. The children then return to their families during the Peace.

During Adult Forum time, following the service, church school class is available for four year olds through high school. There is a primary class and a later elementary class using curriculum that follows the lectionary.

There will also continue to be a Rite 13 class for our middle school age students as well as a J2A class for our students in high school. New this year will be an emphasis on exploring individual ministries with adults in the church mentoring the older students in specific areas of ministry.

We look forward to this expansion of opportunities for our students.


2013_09 'Godspeed'  

September 1, 2013
by Parish Office

‘Godspeed’ – A Quick Look at St. David’s Ministries – speed dating style
September 8th, 2013 11:30AM

On September 8th at 11:30, St. David’s will take a look at our many ministries.

Tables will be set up with fruit, muffins and centerpieces listing the ‘major theme of the ministries to be discussed and vacant seats will be at each table for the parishioners as they move around “speed dating” style. Each ministry rep will have one minute to talk about the ministry to parishioners; this against the backdrop of breakfast served by Haiti Outreach Mission.

As parishioners move around to each table, we will have a concept of the breadth of ministries available at St. David’s, and hopefully having a ‘person, name and visual image’ will help us better remember who to contact afterward.


2013_09 Meet Nathan Nix  

September 1, 2013
by J. Hawkes

Meet one of our members: Nathan Nix


2013_09 From the Rector  

September 1, 2013
by The Rev Chris Yaw+

"From the Rector" for September 2013


2013_09 Bible Reading Schedule Updated  

September 1, 2013
by Parrish Office

Bible Reading Schedule has been updated.



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