About Us...

St. David's is a warm, friendly, multi-racial congregation seeking to serve the Southfield community. Founded in the 1950's, the congregation strives to create genuine community. We seek to be a place that accepts all without judging. Through our numerious programs and volunteer outreach activities, we offer many opportunities for service in Christ's name.
~ Fr Chris+

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Sermon Library
Several weeks of sermon files (both print and audio) are
maintained in this section of our web site

How We Worship
If you are not familiar with Episcopal Church traditions, 
this section will provide information on how we worship.

This section contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding 
St. David's and the Episcopal tradition.

Why I Joined St. David's
This section presents persons who have been willing to share why they have joined St. David's Church.

Our Programs
This section describes our programs and events which serve the needs of all ages with emphasis on the importance of ongoing Christian formation.

This section describes the music programs at St. David's.

Contained here are photos of special events, outreach activities, and youth activities.

Stained Glass Windows
St. David's has been blessed with members and friends over the past 50+ years who provided the funds to turn ordinary windows into stained glass treasures. 
We thank and bless them again for their generosity, and hope you enjoy them as well as you view this section.

St. Anne's Mead
St. Anne's Mead senior community offers multiple levels of eldercare including: Assisted Living, Nursing, End-of-Life, and Respite Care.

Men's Groups
This section describes the Men's Groups here at St. David's.

Women's Groups
This section describes the Women's Groups here at St. David's.

Vestry Members
The Vestry is the main governing body of an Episcopal Church. The people listed in this section are St. David's church members who are currently serving on our Vestry.

Community Garden
In the fall of 2009, in conjunction with the Southfield Parks & Garden Club, we started an organic Community Garden on our property. All produce grown will be given to the 'Open Hands Pantry' organization. Members and non-members of St. David's will be tending this garden. If you like to garden but don't have such space in your yard (or live in an apartment or condo), come help out in our garden.

Our History
This section contains a short history of St. David's and a list of priests and deacons who have served at St. David's.