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   Annual Reports    

for cataloging the church's annual reports


   Choirmaster's Corner    

Messages from our parish musician published in our newsletter: Reflections From St. David's


   Church School    

Articles about church school activities


   Crossroads Outreach    

Reports and information on our Crossroads Soup Kitchen work.


   December 2013 Newsletter    

December 2013 Reflections issue


   February 2013 Newsletter    

Contains articles from the February 2013 Newsletter: Reflections of St. David's


   February 2014 Newsletter    

St. David's Newsletter - "Reflections of St. David's"


   General Interest    

Articles of general interest to the Congregation of St. David's and their friends.


   God Moments    

Parishioners have events in their lives where they had a real moment with God - this section documents these moments.


   Haiti Outreach    

Reports and information from our Haiti Outreach Mission work.


   January 2013 Newsletter    

Contains articles from our January 2013 Newsletter "Reflections of St. David's"


   January 2014 Newsletter    

2014 January Newsletter


   June 2013 Newsletter    

June 2013 Newsletter Articles


   March 2013 Newsletter    

March 2013 Newsletter Articles


   March 2014 Newsletter    

Articles for the March 2014 Newsletter: "Reflections of St. David's"


   May 2013 Newsletter    

St. David's Newsletter for May 2013


   Medical Info    

for cataloging medical information


   Monthly Calendar    

Monthly Calendars


   November 2013 Newsletter    

November 2013 issue of newsletter


   Oakland Deanery    

News from the Oakland Deanery


   October 2013 Newsletter    

October 2013 Newsletter "Reflections of St. David's"


   Our Newsletter    

Our newsletter, Reflections of St. David's, is published monthly, except July & August.


   Parish Council    

Parish Council is made up of church members who are active in programs conducted by St. David's. The purpose of the council is to share each other activities and to make sure that activities within the programs don't conflict with each other.


   Rector's Message    

Rector messages published in St. David's newsletter: Reflections From St. David's



This section contains a collection of resources to enrich your christain experience.


   September 2013 Issue    



PDF and WMA/MP3 files of sermons are stored here when available.


   Service Bulletins    


   SOS Outreach    

Reports and information on our South Oakland Shelter (SOS) work.


   Summer 2013 Newsletter    



Test newsletter formating


   Worship Assistant Schedule    

The Worship Assistant Schedule lists those parishioners who are assisting with our 8am and 10am Sunday services as well as our 8am Tuesday service.  It is published on a monthly basis.



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