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2018_01 January/June 2018 Happenings at St. David's  

January 16, 2018
by Education Committee

January/June 2018 Happenings Schedule at St. David's


2017_0205 Black Church History  

February 5, 2017
by Parish Office

Black Church History

- Jamaica
- Nigeria
- Liberia
- Haiti 


2017_0205 Black History Month Notes  

February 4, 2017
by Parish Office

Black History Month Notes

Feb 5th - Richard Allen, from Jamaica
Feb 12th - Absalom Jones, from Nigeria
Feb 19th - Barbara Harris, from Liberia
Feb 26th - Micheal Curry, from Haiti


When to call the Clergy  

December 5, 2016
by Parish Office

Too often we learn second-hand about illness, family problems, spiritual crises, or personal trauma.

Please know that your clergy deeply cares about the lives of each member.

This article contains nine occasions when you should never hesitate to call the Clergy:


Pastoral Guidlines  

December 5, 2016
by Parish Office

Parish Clergy are happy to visit with parishioners, either at home or the office.

Please call the church office (248-557-5430) to arrange a convenient time.

Arrangements for any of the church’s Holy Rites should be made by calling the church office.

This article cover the Welcoming of Children, Hospitalization, Holy Baptism (Adults & Children), Marriage, Confirmation, Reception into the Episcopal Church, and Re-Affirmation of Baptismal Vows.



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