About Us... When to Call the Clergy

Too often we learn second-hand about illness, family problems, spiritual crises, or personal trauma.

Please know that your clergy deeply cares about the lives of each member.

Here are nine occasions when you should never hesitate to call the Clergy:

- Before going to the hospital
- When alcohol or drugs become a problem for you or someone you love
- When a baby is born
- If you are having family or marital problems
- When you would like to talk or pray about a difficult decision
- When there is a death in the family
- Before someone leaves for college, graduate study, or the armed services
- When you are spiritually depressed
- When you want to share a thanksgiving

There are, of course, other reasons to call your clergy.
The important thing is to remember that they are here to serve you.
They are never too busy or too burdened to do that.