How do I get to St. David's?

St. David's is located on West 12 Mile Road in Southfield, Michigan, between Greenfield and Southfield Roads.

I have small children.  Is it all right for them to be with me during worship services?


We encourage you to bring children of any age to worship.  Don’t worry if your children won’t sit still. We understand that is part of being a child.  Feel free to move around. If your child needs to take a walk or get a drink of water, please feel welcome to tend to those needs. 

If you prefer to try our nursery, it is available for children up to three years of age during our 10am service.

Is St. David’s handicapped accessible?


Access for wheelchairs is easiest from the south facing doors on Twelve Mile Road.

Access is also available from the parking lot using the north facing door.

Where is the parish chapel?

The chapel is on the south side of the hallway connecting the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall. 

It is open during services and during regular business hours, 10am to 4pm, Monday- Friday.

I am not an Episcopalian. May I receive communion at St. David's?


All baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion and to participate as fully as they wish.

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Who was St. David?

St. David was a 6th century monk well-known for this wisdon, piety, and preaching. This led to his nomination as archbishop of Wales by the Synod of Llanddewi Brefi. There, he stood to address a crowd, but people complained that they could not see or hear him. That's when pious tradition tells us the ground rose underneath him and a white dove descended from the sky. Little wonder that David won the nomination. Parish leadership decided to carry on the tradition of the Welsh saint because our very first church service was held on his feast day, March 1st.

Are you affiliated with St. Anne's Mead?

St. Anne's Mead Retirement Home, next to the church, was founded in 1966 by the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan with the assistance of a group of local Episcopal churches including St. David's.

St. David's assists the Mead with liturgical and pastoral care.

Please visit the Mead's web site for more information: