Kid Programs...
Intergenerational Prayer Partners

Partners will:
• exchange birthday and baptismal dates;
• agree to regularly pray for one another;
• periodically make appropriate contact with the partner at church to see how they are doing; and learn about the things they are interested in.

- All interactions will take place ONLY in our church environment.
- It is inappropriate to make unwanted contact with your partner outside of church, or without parental knowledge and consent.

Adult Child
Karen Henry Rose Losey

James & Catherine Yaw
Linda Taylor Olivia Campbell
Julie Wagner
Joyce Madar Skylar King
Kitty Kenning Quentin Campbell

Kwame Henry
Tom Krell Christian King-Betts
Sandy Krell Benjamin Clous
Edna Buday Brayden Clous
AnneJeannette LaSovage Mikayla Johnson
Maureen Mahar Lily Sullivan
Carolyn McClintock Ershela Diko
Traci Johnson Nailah Henry
Jennifer Losey Daniel Sullivan
Lorraine Tyler Chiko Amanze
Jane Johnson Chichi Amanze
Jacob Jones Nathaniel Charter-Harris
Elvia Jonespenick Buchi Amanze
Susan Brooks Breannea King-Betts
Sean Sullivan Ethan King-Chavis
Janeanne Jones Kweisi Henry
Judy Walsh Annaliese Losey
Jenny Sullivan Clara Beth Losey
Enid Miller Kachi Amanze
Edith Morisseau Angel Awurum
Gloria Knights Deborah Awurum
Betty Cooper David Awurum
Audrey Humphrey Brandon Lynady
Betty Shinaberry-Creech

Kaitlyn Lynady