About Us... "Why I/We Joined St. David's

Here are photos of and comments by folks who have recently joined St. David's.

Aleatha and George
“It’s obvious to us that St. David’s is a serving church,” Aleatha said. “There is significant activity that supports opportunities to serve. We saw the outreach to Haiti, the homeless, and Vandenberg school, and realized it wasn’t just a place to worship and be insular.”~2q.2013

Karen recently began attending St. David’s after having previously attended St. Timothy’s in Detroit. At the urging of our own Sitella Glenn, Karen, who is a cradle Episcopalian, came to St. David’s and became comfortable here.

“I had seen the church, but Sitella was constantly encouraging me to visit,” Karen said. “I have known her forever and have become sort of like an adopted daughter to her. Anyhow, I haven’t had a church home since St. Timothy’s closed and felt I needed to look at churches again.” She added, “I enjoy Father Chris’ sermons and like the way they’re written out.”

Mike and Eileen
In the four months that they have worshipped with us, Mark and Eileen have been impressed with the ministry opportunities that exist at St. David’s. “I like the idea of the community garden,” Eileen said. “Just that the food is raised and donated, I thought that was a wonderful community outreach. I can see a real genuineness of the outreach going on here.”~1q.2013

“It has been such a blessing to be able to come here on Tuesday mornings and just worship,” Chris said. “It has been just incredible.”

“The service just feels right,” Rob began. “With everything printed out (in the bulletin) it feels like you are worshipping the whole time. I didn’t experience that at other churches. Every part of the St. David’s service seems important, while Father Chris’ sermons are geared to real life and things going on in the real world.”
Nathan has been attending St. David’s for about four years. The Freeman family invited Nathan to begin worshipping with us. “I like the organized, relaxed feeling of our services,” Nathan began. “I also find the building and outside grounds to be beautiful. I think Father Chris is wonderful. I like his sense of humor, his passion for God, the sincerity of his faith and that he’s always willing to help with any concerns. Of course, the Freeman’s and everyone else made me feel very welcomed as well.”

“I was looking for a new church and I liked what I saw on the website,” Laura began.  “I read Father Chris’ blog and was drawn to all of the outreach that St. David’s is involved in.” ~4q.2013