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Pastoral Care is a priority at St. David’s.  Sometimes we need the companionship and ministry of our neighbors.  We look to our parish to help us mark the most memorable moments of our lives, from baptisms and weddings to times of repentance and death.  The following ministries are offered as a way we can embody the Good News of Jesus Christ to one another.

Pastoral Care includes:


The liturgy of baptism is normally celebrated within the context of the Sunday worship of a Christian community. Nowadays, following ancient Church practice, baptisms are public events. St. David’s celebrates baptisms on specific feast days in the Church’s calendar.
The Church, from the earliest years, has baptized both infants and adults. Some Christian traditions have stated that people must be able to make a conscious adult choice about following Christ. Others have seen infant baptism as a way of expressing the inclusiveness of God’s family in Christ. It is important to note that baptism is never primarily an act of an individual; it is centrally the action of the entire Church of God

If you are an adult, and wish to baptized, we encourage you to participate in our Inquirer’s Class, which prepares adult for the rites of baptism, confirmation, or reception into the Episcopal Church.

All candidates for adult baptism should notify the rector to schedule a pastoral appointment.  Also, parents and godparents will need to schedule an appointment with the rector as part of baptismal preparation. Godparents are not required to be Episcopalians, but they do need to be baptized Christians. The pastoral session with parents and godparents will include time to share and imagine what it means to raise a child in the Christian life today, as well as the roles of parents and godparents. Our conversation will lead us to exploring the Church’s teaching of baptism as we find it in the Book of Common Prayer.

While baptisms are often planned months in advance for public worship events, always know that any Christian can baptize another person, particularly if there is a life-threatening emergency. Baptism requires water poured over the person, saying, “(Name), I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Please let the rector know if such an emergency baptism has taken place.

For more information on baptisms, please send Fr. Chris an email: click here

Confirmations and Receptions into the Church

The rite of Confirmation is for all persons who wish to publicly affirm their mature Christian commitment. Reception is a public acknowledgment and welcome of a Christian person who has chosen to belong to the Anglican tradition of the Christian Church. These rites are administered by the Bishop.

People who wish to join the Episcopal Church will often ask, “Should I be confirmed or received?” While such a question is best answered in conversation with clergy, a general answer would be: If you have been confirmed in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Lutheran traditions, it is likely that you would be received. If you have never made an adult profession of faith, it is likely that you would be considering Confirmation.

In our community, the most significant liturgy for Confirmations and Receptions is our Easter Vigil, celebrated the night before Easter Sunday. Our Lenten Inquirer’s Class focuses upon preparing for this yearly liturgy, as a context for Christian formation. However, the Cathedral does host a couple other diocesan confirmation services throughout the year.

For more information on Confirmations and Receptions , please send Fr. Chris an email: click here

Ministry to the Sick and in Homes

The reality of health care in our day means that many people spend shorter visits in the hospital. Often, friends will hear of a neighbor who was in the hospital. The kindness of visiting someone who has been hospitalized - to offer companionship and support - is less common.

This is not to say that we cannot be supportive. Sending a card, making a phone call, or asking if a neighbor needs help is part of every Christian’s call to serve.

However, if you are interested in the possibility of serving as a lay pastoral visitor (either in hospitals, or to visit shut-in parishioners) please contact our rector at who would be happy to talk with you about the needs and expectations of this ministry.

If you or a family member is planning on being in the hospital, please contact the rector as soon as possible. Clergy are always available for hospital visits.

For more information on this ministry, please send Fr. Chris an email: click here

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (commonly called “confession”) is a rite that is most often experienced by appointment with clergy. It always occurs in the context of pastoral conversation, and follows the forms described in the Book of Common Prayer (see “Reconciliation of a Penitent”, page 447). The purpose of this rite is to experience, in a concrete way, a sense of reconciliation between God and all people.

If you have questions about this rite, or wish to make an appointment, please send Fr. Chris an email: click here

Prayer in Time of Need

The St. David’s Prayer Team is composed of members of the Daughters of the King women’s group and is a gathering of people who are committed to the supportive power of prayer in crucial life seasons.

The St. David’s Prayer Team is composed of members of the Daughters of the King women’s group and is a gathering of people who are committed to the supportive power of prayer in crucial life seasons.

In addition, if you are interested in putting someone’s name on the Parish Prayer list, please contact our Parish Administrator, at:, or 248-557-5430, OR submit an online Prayer Request - click here

Pastoral Visits

Pastoral conversations are times of sharing, listening, availability, prayer and wondering, and understood as part of our Christian journey.

Clergy are available for scheduled pastoral conversations during the week. These times are intended as part of each Christian’s search for spiritual growth and wholeness.

Pastoral emergencies can happen at any time, you are encouraged to contact the rector at any time via email (click here) or by calling the church office (248-557-5430).


At St. David’s we focus upon building and nurturing the many relationships that have brought you to and will carry you through your marriage. This is part of our Christian calling in the world.  

It is a pleasure for us to celebrate your wedding and the following guidelines have been established to help you understand us.

We ask that at least one member of the couple be an Episcopalian, and that area couples without a home parish become active, pledging members of the parish community, with a membership of at least one year.

If you are planning to make St. David’s your church home, it’s important that we all get to know each other. Come experience our worship, fellowship, and community events.  

Introduce yourselves to the clergy and people of the parish.  As a couple, finding a church home is one way to build up the relationships that will be life-giving to both of you.  Our rector will be happy to share information about membership and pledging with you.
All prospective couples need to speak with the rector in order to initiate the wedding preparation process. The canons of the Church require that each couple preparing for marriage in the Episcopal Church must undergo pre-marital counseling.  Clergy cannot marry couples who have not completed pre-marital counseling.

If a member of the couple has been previously married, the canons of the Church require the permission of the Bishop to proceed with wedding plans. This process is primarily to ensure that the previous marriage has achieved appropriate closure, and that all concerns and duties regarding former spouses, the care of children, and personal property have been justly and charitably engaged.  This is part of the pre-marital counseling process.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment, please send Fr. Chris an email: click here


We encourage all parishioners to consider funeral planning ahead of time, making choices today that can help create peace of mind in the future.

Funeral planning also is a profound help to family members who, in many cases, would be uncertain of how to proceed with a loved one’s wishes.

Funeral planning is a concrete way to prepare for a process all of us will experience. Our Christian faith tells us that death, and preparing for that death, is not a failure or the end of hope.

The parish has prepared information that guides the planning process for all persons involved. Funeral planning is appropriately done in the context of pastoral conversation with our rector and our Director of Music.

Please feel free to contact the rector (via email or call the church office: 248-557-5430) about initiating the planning process.