General Interest... Our Scrip Program

Scrip is effectively a Gift Card. St. David's purchases the Gift Card at a discount (1.5% - 10%) and sells them to our members at face value.

   Do you regularly get gasoline at Marathon ??
   Buy either a $25 or $50 or $100 Marathon gas gift card using personal check or cash.
   St. David's gets 75c for a $25 card, $1.50 for a $50 card, or $3 for a $100 card.
   If you use a $25 gas card each week for gas, over the year the church will have gotten $39 - if 100 people do this, St. David's will receive $3900 and at today's gas prices, we'll get more.
   When you buy gas, you use the card at the pump and get the CASH price.

Gas gift cards are available for:
      Marathon, BP Gas, Exxon/Mobile, Shell, Speedway/Total, and Sunoco AND can be used outside of the State of Michigan.

The process works the same for the other gift cards listed.

Each year the St. David's Scrip program raises thousands of dollars (about $3000+ each year) for youth programs, outreach, and operating expenses. The more folks use the program, the more funds St. David's receives.

Volunteers staff the Scrip window each Sunday from 9:30 to 10am and again after the service.

The Scrip Associates are here to help out. We have a stock of scrip on hand, and if what you need is not available, we can order it for you. Gift cards are excellent gifts for graduations and any holiday.

Also, if you shop at Kroger’s or Hiller’s, stop by and talk to us about how St. David’s can benefit from your purchases there.

We will work with you to make shopping easier on you and benefit St. David’s at the same time.

Gift cards are available from:

      Baskin Robbins
      Bob Evans
      Burger King
      Chili's / Macaroni Grill
      Cracker Barrel
      Dunkin Donuts
      Gordon Food Service
      Great Harvest
      National Coney Island
      Outback Steak House
      Panera Bread
      Pizza Hut
      Red Lobster / Olive Garden
      Taco Bell
         just to name a few

      ACE Hardware
      Barnes & Noble Bookstore
      Bath & Body Works
      Bed, Bath, & Beyond
      Best Buy
      Home Depot
      J C Penny
      Jo-Ann Fabrics
      Lowes Home Improvement
      Office Depot
      Office Max
      Payless Shoes
      Wal-Mart / Sam's Club
         just to name a few