Wish List...

This wish list is compiled from observations and conversations with parishioners.

If you would like to donate one of these items, or give towards them to further the mission and ministry of Christ through St. David’s, please contact Fr. Chris (chris@stdavidssf.org).

- Sunday assistant: $5,000/yr, 2 Sundays/mo, $200/Sunday
- Section leaders: $8,000/yr, 4 @$50/wk/each
- Organ repair: $34,000
- Dir of Religious Education: $10,000/yr
- Additional wireless microphones: $600 (x3)
- Additional wireless assisted listening units: $94/each (x4)
- New padded folding chairs for Corner Fellowship Hall:            $50/each (x100) 
      [donations for one or more chairs 
graciously accepted]
- Air Conditioning system for sanctuary: $45,000
- New carpeting and remodel restrooms - $3,000/each
- Remodel a classroom - $2,000
- Erosion Control at St. Pierre’s Episcopal Church Rectory
      in Mirebalais, Haiti: $5,000
- Build new Parish School churches in Mirebalais, Haiti: 
      $5000 (x10)